PRIME INFORMATICS Ltd, now celebrating 10 years of existence since incorporation in 2002, is a leading total solutions provider specializing in provision of turnkey systems in the areas of Systems design, re-engineering, audit, installation and maintenance. We also channel considerable effort in the provision of specialized training programmes sourced both locally and abroad. We pride ourselves in keeping the customer happy at all times through our high-end customer service and keeping our solutions affordable, highly useable, and focused.

We have been providing systems design, development and consultancy services to a range of organizations across Uganda since 1998, though we got formerly incorporated as a limited liability company in 2002. Prime Informatics won the Presidential Award for innovativeness in the Information and Communications Technology small business category in 2003. The award was part of an annual survey of national businesses in various categories.

We are found on Plot 1 Salim Bay Road, Ntinda, in Uganda, which is approximately 4 miles into the Eastern part of Kampala, the Ugandan Capital.

As a company, PRIME INFORMATICS LTD not only aims to provide high quality systems and services but also believes in encouraging others to make the most of developments in information technology. We feel that IT has the potential to benefit many individuals and organizations. PRIME INFORMATICS wants to help people overcome the barriers to realizing this potential. This belief is expressed in our commitment to quality and usability.


PRIME INFORMATICS has several pillars that help us to stand out from other SMEs in the ICT business category:

ü  Provision of end-to-end solutions

ü  Deploying the latest and scalable technologies

ü  Working with others

Provision of end-to-end solutions

The first of our pillars is a commitment to providing complete solutions. Throughout the process of systems development we focus on user issues, business issues, design issues and after-sales support. This approach that combines needs, people, technology and after-sales enables us to provide not just quality product and services, but also complete solutions at that.

Deploying the latest and scalable technologies

Our second pillar of strength is the fact that we strive to keep abreast with the latest technologies from the leading providers including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, IBM, HP, Fatpipe Networks, etc. We always deploy scalable solutions for our clients to ensure a reasonable lifespan before the need for technology change-over.

Partnership with others

The third second pillar is a belief in the importance of partnership. PRIME INFORMATICS Ltd has often worked in partnership with other companies to develop systems/solutions, and we believe our clients should be our partners too. In this way our expertise is combined with the strengths and specialist skills of others. Working in partnership with others is an essential ingredient to our business. With developments in technology, the latest management thinking and a changing business environment the importance of establishing networks of partners is becoming more apparent. The need to respond quickly to technological and business change requires the ability to assemble teams that have a diversity of specialist knowledge and expertise. This is especially true in the software industry.