PRIME INFORMATICS Ltd has worked on a number of different and diverse projects since the company was formed. These have included work on some of the largest Information Systems in the country e.g. the community information System (CIS), a multi-database system built with .Net technology to support an estimated 60 million records of various data to facilitate planning for the entire country. The CIS is now managed by a team under the National Planning Authority. Joseph worked for the CIS as Consultant Developer to support the Project.

We have completed projects for various types of clients, working directly for end-users as well as in partnership with other Consultancies. These projects have also varied in size, taking from between 2 months to 1 year to complete.

Detailed Project Outlook:

1)       Developed a Computerized stores control program for the Electoral Commission of Uganda, C-language, August 1998;

2)       Developed a Point of Sale system (POS) for Zakaria Industries Ltd; client-server deployment, Access 97, VBA, SQL, Feb 1999;

3)       Designed and installed a LAN for Central Broadcasting Station (CBS), Bulange-Mengo; LAN cabling and Internet access for predefined access points, using a proxy server;

4)       Website for Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) as part of a job requirement; using FrontPage 98 & HTML, April 1999;

5)       Website for MTN-Uganda: Developed the premier website for MTN-Uganda on a private contract using MS FrontPage 2000 and Java, April 2000;

6)       Designed and Developed a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) for Uganda Investment Authority, VBA, Access 2000, HTML, May 2000;

7)       Developed and deployed an Asset & Inventory Control Management System for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Uganda using Access 2000 & VBA, February 2000;

8)       Developed and deployed a Complaints Handling Management Information System for the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) using Access 2000 and VBA on client-server platform, November 2000;

9)       Developed together with Consultants from MIGA (World Bank) a Business Operating Conditions (BOC) web portal for Uganda Investment Authority, ASP & Access 2000, November 2001;

10)   Developed a Billing system for ICDs and Customs clearing warehouses. The system is based on Access 2000/ SQL Server interlaced with VBA and deployable on client-server platform, Peacock ICD, April 2001.

11)   Developed a Bar and Restaurant Inventory Management System for Kampala Casino, Access 2000 and VBA, March 2002.

12)   Developed web-portal infrastructure plan for the Uganda Development Gateway (UDG), based on Rapid Application Development tools obeying opening standards, deployable on IBM Web Sphere or BEA Web Logic software, etc, October 2002.

13)   Designed a prototype for software-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Uganda Human Rights Commission. VPN to link Centre to 5 initial remote sites via IPSec v6 and PPP technology.

14)   Designed a complete transaction management system for Ultra Cellular – a Celtel agent for distribution of airtime cards and other phone sales and accessories; June 2003;

15)   Designed a complete transaction management system for IT Trends – a Celtel agent for distribution of airtime cards and other phone sales and accessories; July 2003;

16)   Developed an Intranet-based Document Management system for UIA; October 2003; Microsoft Small Business Server tools.

17)   Technology and Information architecture (proposed) for the Uganda Development Gateway (UDG) Portal, – Directorate of ICT Development (MakerereUniversity), Java driven modules, October 2002.

18)   Developed a Billing system for ICDs and Customs clearing warehouses. The system is based on Access 2000/ SQL Server interlaced with VBA and deployable on client-server platform, Jinja ICD, November 2003.

19)    Developed a publisher’s website for Prof. Rev. Fr. J.M. Waliggo to handle his repository of over 250 publications; Macromedia Flash 7.0, Java J2EE, VB script; February 2004.

20)   Developed a National e-Content Development Strategy for Uganda; UNDP/UNCST project coordinated by Department of Information, President’s Office; September 2004. UGX 5,900,000/=

21)   Developed an Investment inflows monitoring and evaluation system for UIA/BoU/UBOS from existing MIS systems and census and survey data. March 2005.

22)   Contracted to Develop ICT Policy for Ministry of Education and related Action Plans based on ICT Needs assessment surveys and the Education Sector Master Plan. March 2005 – June 2005. USD $ 50,000

23)   Contracted by the Regional Centre for Quality of Health Care (RCQHC) to digitize malaria prevention course material (both Participants and Facilitators’ manuals) and present outcome on CDROM with inbuilt self-evaluation test and certificate. Macromedia Flash 8, Sept 2005 – Jan 2006.  USD $11,000

24)   Contracted to install and implement a Network-based Records and Document Management System running on an SQL server backend for the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA). Installed and configured a copy of an unlimited user license G3 Network Enterprise solution; Oct – Nov 2006. (USD 12,000)

25) Contracted to install and implement a complete information systems infrastructure package for the USAID/NUMAT project in Northern Uganda. NUMAT is a five year 30 million dollar health management project funded by USAID and implemented by JSI Research and Training (Boston), World Vision, and AIC. It is implemented in 8 districts in Northern Uganda with headquarters in Gulu. Nov 2006 – March 2007. (USD 24,000)

26) Contracted to head a team of Experts retained to design and implement a national Community Information System (CIS) for Uganda. The CIS is championed by among others, the National Planning Authority, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, UBOS, and Office of the President. The CIS is the equivalent of a national databank to store baseline data from all major sectors like education, health, agriculture, trade and finance, energy, etc., right from Household level to District level. June 2007 (USD 148,000)

27) Contracted to provide specialized Project Management Services to the ICT Component of the CHOGM 2007 task force.

28) Contracted by UHMG to supply Projectors and DVD players for field outreach activities; 2009

29) Consultant – Post Bank Uganda: Evaluation of Proposals for the supply, delivery and installation of VoIP telephony and IP-based WAN on behalf of Post Bank Uganda / SmartBuy.27th Feb 2008.

30) Consultant – Post Bank Uganda: Evaluation of Proposals for the supply and installation of Backup servers, DRP, and Disaster recovery site for Post Bank Uganda; Post Bank/ SmartBuy. July 2008.

31) Consultant – Post Bank Uganda: Evaluation of bids for installation and configuration of MS Windows 2003 Server(DNS and Active Directory services), MS Exchange Server 2007, and Corporate anti-virus software on behalf of Post Bank (U) Ltd / SmartBuy. 5 – 8 August 2008.

32) Contracted by UTL to design graphics and multimedia promotion tools (animation) for the Vroomla promotion involving Toyota Premio cars to be won, 2009;

33) Contracted by Office of the Prime Minister to design an Online Monitoring and Evaluation System for Government; .NET 3.5 tools; Oct 2010;

34) Contracted by USAID/UHMG to extend LAN and other communication equipment to ground floor of the UHMG building in Ntinda;

35) Contracted by the USAID/RECO-PIN project to design a database driven website for the RECO-PIN project and also improve the functionality of the RECO industries website.